Debunking the Debunker – 6

Drawing to a close:

Common Argument #10: Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for things they find morally disagreeable.

Your Response: By that rationale, America also shouldn’t have a military, since that’s funded by taxes, and many taxpayers find American foreign policy morally disagreeable. Also, the Hyde Amendment prevents most public funds from going toward abortions. But that’s a moot point, because these are two separate arguments. Believing that abortion should be legal doesn’t require you to also believe that taxpayer dollars should fund abortions.

Again, he’s right, but then this is an odd argument to bring up.  Perhaps he has encountered it in his own discussions – and perhaps, in the course of those discussions, it somehow becomes relevant.

Naturally, the best response is to effect some change, which is why there is a March for Life every year, and which is also why abortion is one of the only issues on which Conservatives have gained ground over the last few decades.

Common Argument #11: What if your mother had aborted you?

Your Response: Well, if I’d never come into existence in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have any strong feelings on the matter. Anyway, I love my mother very much and respect her right to make whatever decisions are right for her body and life.

Well, again, this isn’t much of an argument one way or another – it’s rhetorical at best – and probably added to make Millstein’s list look more substantial.  Debunking 11 arguments sounds a lot better than debunking 6.

But have a second read of Millstein’s response.  It’s a bit stupid, no?  In fact, he has given that much more power to the meme, “Now that I’m born, I’m pro-choice!”

If I were a typical Progressive, I would tar him for his lack of compassion, and lynch him as fetalphobic.  We who resist the Progressives, however, prefer the use of reason.

Does he (retroactively, of course) respect his mother’s right-to-life when she was a fetus?  No?  Huh…one wonders what would have become of all of this praise-worthy love and respect, if his mother had been aborted, and he never conceived.

Progressives pretend that arguments end wherever they (arbitrarily) decide that they end.  But Biology determines that they end elsewhere.

And the fact is, absolutely nothing comes of it.  That is why it is part of the culture of death.

In the culture of life, untold bounties of goodness, love, respect, and intelligence are realized.  Millstein has just enough of these things to fake like he has them all.  And I honestly hope he can be open-minded and open-hearted enough to fulfill them.