Reasoning to God – Mind – 1

The atheist-par-resistance will not be content with this talk of the heart and mind.  As to the heart, he assumes a moralistic tone, and we will let him fall on his sword soon.  As to the soul – well, there is no soul, he says, and anyway he certainly does not sense the presence of God.  That is simply a case of people deluding themselves.

No, he thinks logic will settle the matter, and he has home-field advantage.  Indeed, he is even convinced of victory before the contest has begun, and will often beg the question to get the answer he wants.

Instead, let us have someone honestly seeking, genuinely open to the evidence.  Perhaps they can understand how – if not directly – a person might respond to these proofs of the heart and soul.  Perhaps such a person respects those who are taken over by episodes of spiritual ecstasy, or who find peace in beliefs soberly and sublimed recited.  Maybe such a person can’t really tell whether he also experiences these things, or can simply imagine it, and at any rate, none of it goes far enough to give him confidence or change his mind.

This, at least, sounds like a mind at work.  And the mind is where we find some of the most compelling proofs.

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