The only thing more fascinating than someone spending $100 million on a campaign advocating a bunk prophecy is how much play this has gotten in the press. Flipping through the channels in my hotel room last night, talk about Harold Camping’s bold (and now, utterly false) prediction was inescapable. Now I know atheists are planning post rapture days on Sunday and those who utterly despise religion are using this to show the foolishness of the entire faith enterprise, but I think this points to an all together wonderful and escapable truth – we are created for God.

A recent study by a professor of psychology from Bristol Univrsity has put forth a proposal that our brains are literally hard wired for God. While I don’t propose to know the science behind this, I, for one, believe it. And I think this entire rapturegate (I hope I’m the first one to throw “gate” at the end of the word rapture in the history of media) is a fascinating case study in the inescapable metaphysical reality of God.

We are created by God, for God. It’s in the deepest parts of us. St. Paul teaches us that the whole of creation groans for the salvation found in Christ. It just so happens that every once in a while, an event so bizarre makes that groaning obvious and ever present for us. Jesus was spot on when he told His disciples “the harvest is plentiful.” So – while Harold Camping may be an absolute (and filthy, filthy rich) nut – even his insanity displays the glory of God.

Our world is crying out for our Creator. We, the poor banished children of Eve, desperately desire all we were created for. These are the stakes of the New Evangelization. You can decry our society and all of its ills, point out all of its flaws, and all together give up on it. Or you can flip on the television, hear this wonderful groaning, and wake up to the New Evangelization. The workers are few. Are you willing to sign up?

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