Dispassionate somethings

St John of the Cross in his masterful writing discusses the importance on being dispassionate towards things, experiences, thoughts, and ideas that seem holy.  It can be a difficult thing to grasp, but it is ultimately an understanding that God is infinite, and everything that we think, experience, and learn can help us come to terms with this ultimate nature of God, but can also eventually become a hollowed, graven thing that can be a stumbling block to our growth in grace.  I wrote the following in a spat of inspiration from this:

You must not confuse something that brings you to God as God Himself.  For the God who created that something out of nothing cannot be that something, but rather will use that something for you to explore his infiniteness beyond something.

What then, shall we despise that something for it is not God?  May it never be!  God constrained himself to the finite to bring us the reconciliation needed to be infinite with him.  We should be thankful for these somethings, but must be willing to loosen our grasp on them at any moment, because what we should always be eagerly desiring to grasp is He, Himself as He really is.

Oh the life of a pilgrim…

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