“What once was fiction”

I shared some thoughts with my friend Adam Fischer, and realized they’d fit in with TCG.

U2 has a song called “Grace” from their album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I was not an instant fan; rather, the song grew on me over time, and now I often sing it to my girls at bedtime.

A line goes, “She travels outside of karma.”  I’ve long loved this one, referring to grace, and thought it a lovely expression for what I believe grace to be.  Grace operates outside of blind justice, and has no interest in giving us, strictly, what we deserve.  Rather, it represents a flow of blessings, the workings of the highest mind, which is subject to nothing while offering goodness to all.

Just today, another line offered unexpected depth.  ”What once was hurt, what once was fiction, what left a mark no longer stains.”

The first and last descriptions have always made some sense.  All three, in fact.  Yet the middle one suddenly meant more.

Hopefully this thought is not based on a flawed understanding – from what I have read, there are a number of myths involving a god coming to live among humans, the son . . . → Read More: “What once was fiction”

The Cardinal and Chicago Values

A great read by Cardinal Francis George.

Here’s the post.


Unfortunate that the robbery happened, but that loss yielded to some good neighborliness.

Will County Habitat for Humanity houses robbed, community helps


Good evening.

We’re coming to you live on Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, and there are rumors of .25 mile long lines for chicken sandwiches.

There are a lot of serious things to say on the subject of gay marriage, and gender, and where the momentum of our society lies. Here are two of them, quite seriously intended, and yet spoken in a light tone.

First – seriously, this debate has made ammunition out of chicken sandwiches. Does anyone else feel the need to laugh at themselves? Would a banana cream pie help?

Second, it would be nice to get past the part of the debate where we call each other names. Dan Cathy’s comments, which lit this fire? Not a single anti-gay word. He simply affirmed the primacy of traditional marriage, without any hint of irrational fear of gays, or suggestion that gay people are inherently evil.

Freedom of speech assumes that you will prefer one thing to another, that you will value one thing over another. As even some gay advocates have said, it assumes you will have the right to think and say whatever you like, and not be punished by the government for those thoughts and words.

So, . . . → Read More: Chick-Fil-A