Father of Three

By way of introduction, I am a father of three.  In this life, you would likely only have the chance to meet two of those children.

My wife’s first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  Among the most deafening sounds in world must be the disappearance of a heartbeat.  Our hollow hopes were soon filled with the conception and healthy development of our second child, Amelia, now almost a year old.  And, still happier, we expect another child in November.

Our hopes are filled, but not all.

It is a very challenging experience to endure a miscarriage.  Any hope can miscarry, so I invite you to explore that grief if you are so moved.  Many, I’m sure, can relate to an extraordinary joy and expectation, and to the lingering trepidation as you journey toward your goal, only to have that trepidation justified as the prize, the shining jewel of your hopes, is irreversibly taken away.  There is a particularly heart-breaking update I made to our “baby blog” during that first pregnancy, where I mention that our baby’s heart rate was lower than expected, and the baby’s body was smaller than expected.  She was still alive, so we only thought the doctor’s original . . . → Read More: Father of Three

Episode 2 now available!

High School Theology teacher and Franciscan Univesity Grad Barrett Laspesa is our Guest for Episode 2!  Barrett discusses the Catholic School system, the Easter Season, and Adam and Barrett draw parallels between umpiring baseball and being Catholic.  No, really, they do.  Listen now!

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Grace in the Middle

First and foremost, Welcome!  On behalf of the other Catholic Guy Ed Pluchar, I want to welcome you to our site.   Through our blog and podcast, Ed and I hope to share with your our journey of living as Two Catholic Guys in America today.

In these modern times the term Catholic can mean many things to many people.  So what does that mean for us?  Simply put, to live as a Catholic means to live a radical life of obedience and discipleship to Jesus Christ our Lord as a member of His Pilgrim Church.

To live such a life though, one can follow many paths.   What we hope to follow is the Way.  It’s easy in these times, especially in America, to fall into two buckets of practice.  Our Bishop, Francis Cardinal George, defines those two buckets as liberalism and fundamentalism.  From a psychological standpoint it’s easy to be drawn to one or the other.  They serve as fairly easy constants through which to filter life and the world at large.  Therefore both liberalism and fundamentalism offer a template for religious practice and experience.

The Way, however, is one that doesn’t look to gravitate to one or the other, . . . → Read More: Grace in the Middle

Podcast Episode 1 Available Now!

Our inaugural podcast is available to play!

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