The Incomparable

Mark has now reached the point, in my reading, where the conflict between Jesus and the religious authorities is escalating. Every page, it seems, alludes to the fact that the authorities are plotting to kill Him, and would do it immediately, except that the people would revolt against such an action.

So, like theives, they will wait for the night.

In the meantime, they continue to confront Christ about His teaching and actions. He drives the money changers out of the Temple and they want to know by what authority He has done this; they try to trap Him on the subject of paying taxes, and the resurrection; ultimately, they are incensed and furious that He would liken Himself to God and declare that they, far from appearances, have denied the Lord in their hearts.

All of this from under the shadow of the cross, within days of a torturous death.

On a purely human level, I am amazed at the way He keeps His cool. How can He think of that response to the Pharisees and Herodians – “Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” – knowing that they are bringing about His death? . . . → Read More: The Incomparable

Original Sin

My wife works at a children’s hospital, and could fill many volumes with the stories she has to tell. Fortunately for me, she does not share them too often, or I would probably drown in despair.

Some nights the burden is quite heavy, and tonight she did unload a few stories on me. She was exposed to two patients today who were victims – seemingly unintended – of gun violence. Gangs were believed to be involved in both instances.

The first was a one year old, who was sleeping with her mother when a bullet ripped through their house at 1am. It pierced the child’s head and was embedded in the mother’s leg. Somehow, the child has survived, and in spite of losing one of her eyes, she shows many signs of good condition and potential for recovery.

Marcy went on to say that many people were pressing to visit the girl, whose mother was with her. The mother suggested that she knew the shooter, but would not say who it was. Marcy worried that one of these guests might want to harm the mother because of her knowledge, which made the day that much more tense.

At length, while . . . → Read More: Original Sin

This deserves an adjective…

Just can’t find it at the moment.  Suffice it to say I really am moved by both sides of this story, and not only for the headline.  Have a read about the gifts that were exchanged.