As you may or may not know – but you probably know – there is a developing push to defund Planned Parenthood.  You might also know – but perhaps not – what exactly that means, or why it is being pushed.  In the following posts, I hope to bring you up to speed. A few disclosures are required: – At this point, I agree with the push to defund Planned Parenthood (PP).  Readers may assume a bias, but I don’t think it disqualifies me to inform you. – Moreover, I will attempt to engage what the PP apologists are saying. – You are your own judge and jury.  I will assume you are of fair and sound mind, even if you are inclined one way or another. – While I will try to make the best, most complete case possible, I am not a full-time journalist, and furthermore, it is possible that I will make some errors.  Factual errors will gladly be corrected. – I am pro-life.  What you read is a greatly subdued tone, in order to make a dispassionate case to the as yet uninformed and undecided.  If you are committed either way, I encourage you to keep your peace, or write your own blog posts.   Here is my outline: 1.  The layman’s legal case to defund PP. 2.  The moral case to defund PP, even if you are pro-choice. 3.  My on-going case to protect the lives of the unborn.   See you next time.