Reasoning to God – Soul – 6

Receive and profess

Say someone wants to resist this.  He thinks, for example, he may go as far as believing that his child exists, but not so far as to believe anything beyond the immediately obvious exists.

Notice – this man still does not understand Plantinga.  It’s not that God is another, or a higher kind of belief.  Plantinga is saying that just as you know who your children are – just so can we know God lives.  

And I say:  This is how I believe in God.  It is just immediately obvious to me, just as my environment is because it resides in my field of vision.  I am not blind – I can see.

Nevertheless, let us indulge this objection.  Say that such a man stops short of believing in God because he has got the idea that God cannot be believed in such an immediate and obvious way.  His sensus divinitatis is broken.

In this case, we will need to persuade him in another way.  We must proceed to the mind.

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