Please read Plantinga

Here’s a world-class philosopher who makes the “wise” look foolish, and the “foolish” look wise.  Very interesting ideas, even in a vanilla task like summing up the three main lines of thought in the Western world.

He also proposes the idea* that science (featuring evolution) is actually not in conflict with religion (featuring Christianity) as so many suppose, but is in deep conflict with naturalism (featuring the absence of God).  Here he easily exposes such voices as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett; they are no more than schoolyard bullies stating claims that are in wild excess of the facts.  They are, in fact, religious about their naturalism, and theirs is the religion incompatible with evolution.

Back to the “Existence of God” series presently…


*If you haven’t followed it yet, this link is to a review of Plantinga’s book, Where the Conflict Really Lies, by philosopher Thomas Nagel.  Nagel is an atheist, and is an atheist I can readily respect.  He has declared, for example, that materialism is almost certainly false.  If Plantinga and Nagel are leading the way, I count myself hopeful for future discourse on life’s big questions.

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