Grace in the Middle

First and foremost, Welcome!  On behalf of the other Catholic Guy Ed Pluchar, I want to welcome you to our site.   Through our blog and podcast, Ed and I hope to share with your our journey of living as Two Catholic Guys in America today.

In these modern times the term Catholic can mean many things to many people.  So what does that mean for us?  Simply put, to live as a Catholic means to live a radical life of obedience and discipleship to Jesus Christ our Lord as a member of His Pilgrim Church.

To live such a life though, one can follow many paths.   What we hope to follow is the Way.  It’s easy in these times, especially in America, to fall into two buckets of practice.  Our Bishop, Francis Cardinal George, defines those two buckets as liberalism and fundamentalism.  From a psychological standpoint it’s easy to be drawn to one or the other.  They serve as fairly easy constants through which to filter life and the world at large.  Therefore both liberalism and fundamentalism offer a template for religious practice and experience.

The Way, however, is one that doesn’t look to gravitate to one or the other, but rather is directed by the Holy Spirit.  We live in a unique world, with a Loving God who calls us to conversion and a deeper relationship with Him everyday.  The example of our Lord Jesus Christ shows us that the Way is truly living in freedom, dependent and listening to His Spirit as it guides our lives.

The Way, dare I call it “the middle” between the two extremes of liberalism and fundamentalism, truly is the call that God has for all of humanity.  We wholeheartedly believe that Jesus Christ established His Church to help guide our thoughts, our hearts, and our very lives to this Way.

As you may know, this Way is difficult and narrow.  And that’s why we’re here, sharing our journey on it.  We hope as we open our journey to you, you in turn will open your journey to us.  And as a result we will all continue to strive to build up the Kingdom of God, to edify one another and spur each other on to Good Works, Loving Kindness, and a new sense of virtue for the 21st century and beyond.

However, don’t be misled by my blog post.  We are far from attaining what it is we seek.  We’re sure our faults, our struggles, and our weakness will be evident about two minutes into our first podcast episode.  We want to hear your struggles, your weaknesses as well.

We’re here to live authentic, orthodox Catholic lives.  Will you come with us, and will you invite us in on your journey on the way to the middle, on the way to Grace?

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