At the name of Jesus…

The following linked passage is, I believe, based on a hymn from the early Church, which St. Paul quotes to make a point.  Always making points, that one.

I particularly like this hymn.

The following is a sentimental notion, and therefore not of much use to anyone’s spiritual journey.  Nevertheless, I have imagined such an event, such an uttering of Jesus’ name which would, in fact, bring every beast and human to its knees.  Would it be the very voice of God, calling for His Son?  Would the sky be stained with the colors of the Apocalypse, the wind dense with the presence of the Creator?

This can’t be more than silly.

And yet…I believe we were at Mass when Amelia, as is her custom, was rummaging through her purse and our pockets and the missalette.  She stopped at the cover which held the image of an icon.  There was the Virgin Mary, holding the child Jesus.  Standard stuff, if you’re looking for song number #438 and just flipping past it.

Amelia pointed, which cued Marcy to tell her who those people are.  She said, “That’s Mary, and that’s Jesus.”

For a long moment, Amelia did nothing but stare.  It was longer than usual, and what I wasn’t thinking before that moment, I began to think anew.

Did some part of her somehow know that Name?  Was this like the silent shudder that comes over the children in Narnia, when they hear Aslan’s name for the first time?  Was Amelia’s spirit kneeling, even if her mind and body didn’t quite know what to do about it?

Probably not.  But I would be pleased to have my doubt removed.

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