Ashes Data, or proof that repentance matters

A while back I was involved in remodeling the St. Julie Billiart website.  At the time I also installed Google Analytics to track the web traffic on the site to help St. Julie analyze trends as well has help optimize their website.  I came across some data this week that was eye opening and I thought I’d share it with you.

One of the first improvements I wanted to make in the redesign was adding a “quick links” section on the right hand of the page.  This provides some of the most frequently accessed content (Mass times, confession times, bulletin, etc) in an easy to find place for users.  Last Christmas I added a seasonal quick link for Christmass Mass schedules on December 18th.  From the time of December 18th (5 days before Christmas Eve) to January 3rd (as the link also contained New Years information) the page was viewed 723 times.

On Monday March 7th (2 days before Ash Wed.) I posted an Ash Wed page.  From the 7th until Wednesday 9pm that page was viewed 1,027 times.  In the period between Dec 1st and March 10th it ranked as the third most-viewed quick link on the site, behind the permanent links of bulletin (2,723) and Mass schedule (2,154).

I haven’t had time to really process this or draw any conclusions, but I have an inkling that Jonah and the rest of the Prophets are beaming somewhere in Heaven.

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