A riff on Ed’s “Sex”

No, I will not change the title.

If you haven’t had a change to read Ed’s terrific piece entitled Sex on this very blog please take the time to do so now.



Ok good. I was reminded of his piece when coming across this story on the WSJ. There was a quote that really struck me

Even if we no longer believe in a deity, a degree of repression is seemingly necessary to our species and to the adequate functioning of a half-way ordered and loving society.

It’s sad to me, that in a day and time when pretty much every important piece of Catholic belief and theology can be had by simply going to the Vatican website, that Catholic moral teaching on sex is still represented as “repression.” Perhaps I should forward the author Ed’s excellent piece.

Now I don’t want to completely discredit the author. He’s attempting to make an important point – one that many in our culture are afraid to mention – that porn is bad. Like, life shatteringly bad. Like, men lose their jobs, homes, and families because of it bad. Yet in an increasingly permissive culture that doesn’t want anything negative to be said about their every-type-and-kind-of-sex-and-sexual-expression-better-be-accepted-by-you-or-you’re-a-bigot  sexual worldview, it’s just another thing that “religious” folks get their panties in a bunch about. So I’m thankful that the author got the ball past the fifty on this one, but to take it all the way home the true power of Catholic teaching on Sex, the true freedoms it provides, the Truth of our bodies, our souls, and our sexuality is the way to avoid such a tempting but devastating sin. It’s not about repressing one’s sexuality, like it’s a beast that needs to be caged, it’s about living in harmony with one’s sexuality, fully integrated into your person.

Sadly, us bigots just don’t get it and want to ruin everyone’s fun. Just tell that to the literally hundreds of thousands of men (and women) who lives are in shambles – who cannot maintain an erection unless there’s a computer screen in front of them.  Who only get to see their children once a month because of women they never have (and never will) meet seduce them behind a screen, a smart phone, or an iPad.

This is the world we live in.  Call me a bigot.  Call me old fashioned.  But the truth is, the crusade against this evil is not being fought with the weapon of shame, but rather of love, compassion, and an unmistakable call to freedom, dignity, and love – all things that man has tried to “repress” since the beginning of time.  Efforts made in vain once and for all because of the glorious Resurrection of the Christ.  Repression is not the answer, freedom is.

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